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Publicity surrounding the War on Terror has been nothing short of insane. Since our initial media baptism of fire back in 2006, we've now almost got used to talking about a game that we'd rather just talk for itself.

It's been decried as a war-profiteering, 'sick' joke and lauded as a vital piece of satire that could bring about world peace. Not surprisingly, the truth is neither, but we'll let you decide for yourselves ...

NewsPapers and Magazines

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Dicing With Death
"Andrew Sheerin had a goofy idea for a boardgame based on the War on Terror. Harmless fun, right? And then the death threats started to arrive ..."
Stuart Hood, FHM #246 - June 2010

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Terror Game Applauded
"It seems the toy trade might need to have a rethink. Having originally been vilified at launch, satirical board game War on Terror is gaining approval among intellectuals and media commentators."
Ronnie Dungan, Toy News - February 2010

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Remember, It's Only a Game
"It's satirical, subversive and seriously entertaining, but ignore the 14+ rating on the box. My eight-year-old picked it up pretty quickly, perhaps a bit too quickly, as did my mum who's in her sixties. Fun for all the family - and almost as educational as a Chomsky book."
Charley Allan, Morning Star - January 23rd 2010

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The 50 Best Board Games: #5 War on Terror
"A game with attitude. The game spinner is, of course, the Axis of Evil, and it's full of war, suicide bombers and kidnapping. Everyone starts with great intentions until you realise that your neighbour has more oil than you and away you go."
Kate Watson-Smyth, The Independent - 7th November 2009

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He Who Dares, Wins
"That was the moment that they hit upon their plan for the ultimate act of subversion, the perfect satire, a slap in the face to the powers that be."
David Pegg, Varsity - the Independent Cambridge University Student Newspaper - 27th November 2009

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Interview With the Makers of the War on Terror Board Game
"The game is all about empire. You start with an empire, develop it, fight other empires and liberate countries from their clutches. The more oil you have in the boardgame, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more countries you can exploit and control."
Chris Richards, New Internationalist - December 2008

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Makers of the War on Terror board game have won their battle with a high street store, but reactions to the product are worrying
"This is not the first time that War on Terror – the board game – has got up an establishment nose."
John Ozimek, The Guardian - Aug 25th 2008

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War on Terror: Gesellschaftsspiel
"Seit Erscheinen 2006 hat sich das provokante Brettspiel mehr als sensationelle 10000 Mal verkauft – online und in kleinen Läden. Große Warenhäuser weigern sich, es in ihr Sortiment aufzunehmen."
Der Spiegel - Issue 34, August 2008

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War on Terror boardgame branded criminal by police
"It is rare, however, for a board game to be seized by the police. This week that distinction befell War on Terror: The Boardgame; a set was confiscated from climate protesters in Kent."
Jerome Taylor, The Independent - 9th August 2008

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War on Terror, the Boardgame - 5 Stars
"Ironically, while teenagers can buy graphic computer games allowing them to fantasize about killing Iraqis and Afghans, this game has been lambasted in the press and banned by major retailers and game fairs. So do your bit for freedom and buy copies for all your friends!"
New Internationalist - August 2007

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Game For a Laugh?
"World domination beckons - and it will have been achieved through peaceful means"
First Voice - June 2007

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Playing on Your Fears.
"The politically accurate, non-jingoistic rules take what could have been a glorified bad-taste joke and turn it into one of the most thought-provoking games we've seen in years"
Playboy - May 2007

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War on Terror, the Tournament.
"If you like the idea of playing Risk or Monopoly with WMDs and suicide bombers, [this] could be your moment"
LA Onion - April 2007

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Only a Game?
"[the game] comes complete with Suicide Bomber and Dirty Bomb cards, an Axis of Evil spinner and a ski mask with the word "EVIL" stitched on the forehead. You could call it spectacularly controversial."
Parmy Olson, Forbes.com - Dec 13th 2006

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World War on Global Terrorism - Your Move
"The contemporary twist is that, as well as launching traditional wars, players can sponsor terrorists to plague their enemies - although, in the game, as in life, the terrorists can develop an ungovernable momentum of their own."
Andrew Mueller, The Guardian - Oct 20th 2006

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'Suicide Bomber Game' Unlikely to Hit Dubai
"New boardgame comes with props such as balaclavas and features political kidnaps, but retailers say there is no demand for it here."
Emmanuelle Landais, Gulf News - Oct 15th 2006

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British Board Game Brings Satire to War on Terror
"War on Terror has an unrepentantly grim view of geopolitics and a British fear of naked capitalism. The money does not say 'In God We Trust' but rather 'For the profit of few, at the cost of many.'"
Bryan Mitchell, Stars & Stripes - Oct 2nd 2006

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War? Don't Make me Laugh
"If there were more independent and incredulous thinkers like War on Terror's creators Andy Tompkins and Andrew Sheerin, perhaps the world would be a better place."
Paul Syvret,The Courier Mail - Sep 25th 2006

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Rolling the Dice in War on Terror
"But the game is already raising the hackles of some in the United Kingdom who feel that it is less a game than a political manifesto in a colorful box."
Tom Lane, ABC News - Sep 21st 2006

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War on terror: the Boardgame
"Survivors of the July 7 bombings are angry with two Cambridge entrepreneurs who have launched a board game based on the war on terror."
Metro - Sep 19th 2006

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War on Terror Game Slammed
"A new board game in which players pretend to be terrorist bombers has sparked fury."
Corrine Abrams, The Sun - Sep 18th 2006

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Fury Over 'War on Terror' Board Game
"MPs have also criticised the game's use of such a sensitive subject matter, and said it appeared to have crossed the line of what was acceptable."
Daily Mail - Sep 18th 2006

On The Web

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Fight the War on Terror - in your living room
"To some it's at the the tip of the sharp tongue of satire. To others it's an example of an attempt at funny going too far."
BBC Online - October 13th 2008

Aside from the rather nice BBC piece above, probably the best thing to do is a Google search for 'War on Terror board game'.

Small Fish Online
Still ranks amongst some of the most intelligent interview questions we've received, which tells you a fair bit about the depth and sincerity of the mainstream press.


We like the radio, especially live interviews. They're a bt nerve-wracking at first, but you soon realise that it's much better than any pre-recorded interview, where what you say is subject to the whim of whoever is editing it. We've done radio interviews for national stations in 5 continents - from South Africa to Colombia to Japan - but not managed to record any yet. Sorry.


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'Games Britannia', episode 2 - BBC4
"Unlike anything that has gone before, [TerrorBull Games] attempt to bring one of the defining British qualities of our age - satire - into Games Britannia."
BBC 4, 'Games Britannia' ep.2 - December 14th 2009

Until we've got our own satirical board games cable channel we'll have to make do with sneaking onto other people's shows. So far these have included BBC London News, ITV Anglia News, Televisia Mexicana, Al Arabiya News, CBC's The Hour and Al Gore's cable channel, Current TV.

I do like your style.- Major Tom Mouat MBE

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