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You're either with them or against them. Or sometimes you're both.

Rules and Card Appendix

The Jus in Bello of board games. The Geneva Conventions of round-the-table interaction. This is it: the rules of War on Terror, the boardgame.

The downloads below are PDF documents, optimised for the web (hence the poor image quality). You may need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to view them.

v2.0 Rules Download

In December 2010, we finally released the second edition of War on Terror. We tweaked the rules a little - made the game a little more stable and strategically rewarding and removed some bulk - added about 10 new cards, indigenous terrorist groups (that are tied to certain oil counters and can't be got rid of) and you can now also invoke God's terrifying power in your attacks. You can buy it here.

rules of the War on Terror, version 2
War on Terror, edition 2 rules (3.6Mb)

v1.0 Downloads

For the nostalgic amongst you, here are the original rules and card appendix:

rules of the War on Terror
Download the Rules of Engagement (479K)

card appendix of the War on Terror
Download the Card Appendix (263K)

You can also view all the Empire Cards and Terrorist Cards in glorious technicolour detail.

Foreign Language Versions

Many thanks to some generous souls at BoardGameGeek we have the following translations to download...

Rule Updates & Addendums

As the game gets played by increasingly strange people, arguments arise over things we never dreamt of. And also, we might have made a couple of mistakes.

  1. The 'Sell a development at any time' rule. It's true that you can sell developments and recoup the development cost at any time during the game, even outside your go. However, although this isn't implicitly stated in the rules, if a player forces you to sign the Kyoto Protocol, you can't weasel out of it by quickly selling your developments. The card's been played and the moment it's played is the point where you count up your cities and towns and figure out the fine. Of course, you can then sell off developments to help pay the fine. The same goes for any other type of play that affects developments.

Rule Variations

We encourage people to play around with the rules. Let us know if you come up with any interesting variations.

  1. Tournament Rules You might want to tweak these, depending on the amount of participants, but here's what we thought up for the first ever War on Terror Tournament. Divide participants into tables of 4 players each as best you can. Participants play out as many games as they want to/have the strength for. At the close of each game, all players tally up and make a note of their respective Liberation Points. Terrorist Players (if there are more than one) must divide up their liberation points between themselves. You get +2 points as the winning player and +3 points for every extra (beyond one) game you play. At the end of the tournament, you divide your liberationg points by games played to get your total. Example: player A is at 5 liberation points when game one finishes. Player A plays a second game and wins with 9 liberation points. His total is 5 + 9 + 2 (for the win) + 3 (for the extra game played) is 19 points, divided by two games gives player A a finishing total of 9.5 points.
  2. World Peace If a full round passes and no one plays an 'aggressive card' then, if all players agree, 'World Peace' can be declared. This variation on 'World Peace' includes the Terrorist Player and leads to intense 'going back on your word' moments and other devious tricks.
  3. The Long War Also known as 'the purist'. Exactly the same as the current rules but you ignore Empire Points. Total liberation of the planet is the only way to win. The last remaining colour on the board wins, either an Empire or the Terrorists. No one has yet finished this version, 13.5 hours being the best attempt yet.

War on Terror has an unrepentantly grim view of geopolitics and a British fear of naked capitalism.- Stars & Stripes

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