War on Terror - The Boardgame

Crunch - the game for utter bankers
A secret message
Who's a terrorist?

You're either with them or against them. Or sometimes you're both.

~ Nuclear Disarmament ~

Detailed image of one of the cards from the game, War on Terror: Nuclear Disarmament

The world is a dangerous place. But only if someone is as tooled up as you are.

Force all other players to disclose their cards to the table. All Nuclear Weapons and Dirty Bombs must be surrendered and returned to the correct deck.

I promise you this: after playing this game, you will split your life into two sections -- "pre-War On Terror the Boardgame" and "post-War on Terror the Boardgame." You may even, as I have, reset your age accordingly. I am now 11 months old. In two weeks, I will have my first birthday. All I have asked for is more copies of War on Terror The Boardgame so I can help spread it like the thought virus it is. Change your life today!- Amazon.co.uk review

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